Find community and world-class musical education at our group classes, summer camp programs and guest workshops.

The Brasshoppers

The Brasshoppers, an extraordinary student brass band, offers a unique mind-body experience. Students create music without sheet music, emphasizing listening, improvisation, and meaningful contributions. Core outcomes include enhanced musicality, creativity, mindful listening, and teamwork.

The String Knots Chamber Ensemble

Dr. Ji Yeon Shin is seeking dedicated string students to form multiple chamber ensembles, instructing students in the art of small-group playing and helping them to grow in discipline and instrumental mastery with their fellow students.

Celestial Chorale

Led by manager and instructor Simon Drew, the Celestial Chorale is experimental in nature, leading singers on an adventure of mindful listening, improvisation, and creative expression. Sheet music will be nowhere to be found – just singers in a room making beautiful music together.

Swing Into Summer: Jazz Summer Camp

Students will work with Jazz musicians Kevin Karagozian and Simon Drew to go deeper into the art of jazz, exploring the history, styles and repertoir of this great American genre.

Music & Artistry Summer Camp

Join musician and poet Simon Drew for a 5-day summer camp workshop series designed specifically for students who are interested in exploring their creative and artistic side. Students will learn from great artists of the past and present, discuss creative practices and techniques, and bring their own art to life!

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