About Us


We’re a team of 25+ experienced music educators serving the Tustin and greater Orange County community since 1991. With hundreds of passionate and talented students, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide people of all ages and abilities with music education tailored to their specific goals, interests and talents. 

What We Do

We provide world-class music education to our students through one-on-one instruction and group classes. For those in need of instruments, we both sell and lease a wide range of string, brass and woodwind instruments, as well as acoustic pianos. We host regular recitals, workshops, and events that inspire the next generation of musicians.

Why We Do It

We believe that music rebuilds people. Music is not simply a hobby, but rather it is a necessity for a meaningful and vibrant life. Watching our students learn the art and joy of music is incredibly meaningful to us, and we’re motivated every day by the talent and passion of our community.

Stay In The Know

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