The Brasshoppers

The Brasshoppers is not your average student brass band. It’s a whole mind-body experience wherein students are not given any sheet music to play, but are rather encouraged and guided as they learn how to create music together through carefull listening, improvisation, and the intention to contribute meaningfully to the music that is being made.

Throughout each session, students are given prompts, instructions, and challenges that promise to completely change the way they view the art and craft of music. In such a way, we’re able to unlock their creativity, expressiveness and mindfulness as they learn work in a team environment to create great music in real time.

This class is recommended mostly for younger students, though there is intentionally no age limit. Students who have more experience will still find this class highly valuable, and will also be challenged to help the younger students to rise higher in musicality and maturity.

Core outcomes of the Brasshoppers are as follows:


Playing in a band is a completely different experience than individual practice. Playing in a group is often the most powerful catalyst for quick improvement of a student’s musicality, including their understanding of rhythm, harmony, dynamics, texture, and more. 


Rather than playing written music from a book, students will be encouraged to learn how to make music together, even if they don’t have anything written down. This will include the generation of new ideas, problem solving, integrating feedback, and refining pieces until they’re performance-ready. 

Mindful Listening

Students will need to learn how to listen carefully to their fellow musicians in order to contribute meaningfully to the music that they’re playing. 


Of course, working in a band with other musicians is much like working with colleagues, sports team members, or family members. Students will learn what it means to respect and work with their peers while contributing to the group aim.


Music should be fun, playful and life-giving, so students will be encouraged to express themselves through their instrument in the group environment. 

Simon J. E. Drew

Band Leader & Head Tubist

Simon Drew is an Australian musician whose main instruments include trumpet, singing, piano, didgeridoo, and lower brass. He has 12+ years of experience as a working musician and band-leader, including multiple performances at festivals and three long-term contracts with his jazz quartet onboard the world’s largest cruise ships. He has three jazz albums and three original composed albums to his name.


Total Class Price: $350

Number of Sessions: 10

Starting Month: June

Weekly Class Time Options


Mondays at 7pm


Wednesdays at 7pm


Saturdays at 9am


Saturdays at 3pm