California Christmas Recital


December 7, 2024

Session 1

3:30 pm

Session 2

5:00 pm

Join us for our annual Christmas Recital at Tustin Music Center!

This year’s theme is “California Christmas”, and while we encourage our students to perform regardless of whether their song choices are in line with the theme or not, students and parents should note that there will be a prize for the performer who plays a piece or pieces that best reflect the theme of “California Christmas”.

Now’s the time to consider working with your instructor to pick a piece or pieces that convey those cozy Christmas vibes! If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask our front desk team for suggestions!

And as usual, remember that TMC recitals are a very casual and low-pressure way to get experience performing in front of an audience. This is a chance for our students to show off all their hard work to friends and family who value their dedication to the craft of music. If you’re on the fence about performing, talk with your teacher and take small steps toward preparing yourself for an event like this!

So if you’re in, register to perform via the form below. We’ll see you there!

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